• What is the idea behind SkinExam.com?
  • How many pictures of the problem on my skin may I upload to SkinExam?
  • Are the Dermatology Practitioners on SkinExam.com practicing medicine?
  • Do you guarantee that I will get an answer in 24 – 48 hours?
  • Does Skin Exam keep my photographs?
  • How much does the SkinExam.com service cost?
  • How about HIPAA compliance? Is my information secure and safe?

SkinExam allows you to upload up to 3 pictures of something that you have discovered on your skin which concerns you plus a description with every picture .Then, within 24-48 hours your pictures (and their descriptions) will be reviewed by our certified, licensed, experienced Skin Care Providers who have YEARS of experience studying and treating patients with skin problems and they will give you an opinion of what they feel may most likely represent what you have on your skin. For someone who cannot afford to go to see a Dermatology Practitioner in person and/or for someone who lives very far away from a skin specialist, this opinion may provide a tremendous amount of peace of mind until the person has the oppotunity to see a skin specialist in person. It is important to note that SkinExam.com is NOT practicing medicine and that the opinion given by our skin specialist providers on skinexam.com is for informational purposes only. The information given by our skin specialist providers is not a binding medical diagnosis nor is it Telemedicine. Skinexam.com is a TeleHealth web site which is a form of education about a health care concerns. Nevertheless, although SkinExam.com is not a formal, clinical skin evaluation in a doctor's office nor is it practicing medicine, it IS an opinion of what your skin problem may likely be by an experienced, licensed skin specialist provider from the privacy and comfort of your own home for a very small cost. The peace of mind that this will bring is surely to be tremendous. Although you have the ultimate responsibility and indeed are encouraged to seek qualified medical care for your skin concerns in person, the information given on SkinExam.com may give you peace of mind until such a time as when you have the opportunity to go to see a skin care specialist provider in person.

With every new case you submit on SkinExam, you may upload up to 3 pictures for our skin care specialist providers to review.

No. SkinExam.com and our affiliated skin care specialist providers are not practicing medicine on SkinExam.com. SkinExam.com is a TeleHEALTH website which is informational only - not a Telemedicine website or a website which is practicing medicine. In fact, before you are allowed to use SkinExam.com you must check the box indicating that you understand and agree to this and that you also agree with the Disclaimer and the Terms and Conditions of this website whereby you acknowledge that SkinExam.com is not practicing medicine and is not legally liable for the opinions of our affilliate skin care providers. Those Terms and Conditions clearly explain that SkinExam.com is a TeleHealth website which is for educational and informational purposes only. SkinExam.com is not practicing telemedicine. This website is for informational and educational purposes only and all users of this website may do so only by prior checking the box whereby they acknowledge that they agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Disclaimer of this website which stipulate that they understand that this website is for Informational Purposes only and is not practicing medicine. Our skin care providers are only giving you their heartfelt best opinion of what the pictures and corresponding descriptions you submit may possibly represent - not what it IS. In order for you to know with certainty what is on your skin, you need to see a skin care provider in person. The opinion of our affiliate skin care providers is a non-binding information-only opinion of what they think is most likely represented by the photographs and corresponding descriptions you have provided. In order to obtain a true evaluation of your skin finding, you need to and are hereby strongly recommended to make an appointment and see a qualified, licensed skin specialist provider in your area in person. Our skin care providers have not seen nor personally examined the person with the skin concerns in person nor have they reviewed any laboratory studies, pathology studies or x-rays. Our skin care providers have no physician-patient relationship with the person who submits his or her photographs and/or descriptions. You, the website user, are the one who is fully responsible for the decisions you make about your health care. SkinExam.com is not practicing medicine.Receiving the impression from one of our affiliate skin care providers of what they think might be on your skin, does not relieve you of the responsibility to formally see a skin care provider in person about your skin concerns.

We always strive to provide you with an answer within 24-48 hours and sometimes in less time than that. At times of very heavy demand, however, our affiliate skin care providers may have many submissions to review and, therefore, may not be able to provide you with an answer as quickly as desired. In those rare cases, your answer may take a little longer than 24-48 hours. Please bear in mind, however, that the usual way in which people get to show their skin problems to a skin care provider in person is that they first have to make an appointment and possibly have to wait weeks to see their regular doctor who then refers us to see a skin care provider. We then may have to wait a few more weeks for the appointment with the skin care provider and then after all that, go and sit in the waiting room for a while and then finally get to see a skin care provider who maybe will see you for about 15 minutes and possibly tell you that the finding on our skin was nothing to worry about all along - after all those weeks of waiting on pins and needles! Getting an answer within 24-48 hours on SkinExam.com is certainly an improvement over all of those weeks of waiting.

Yes and No. If you are SUBSCRIBED to SkinExam (for just $5 per month), we SAVE your pictures so that you are able to return at a later time with new pictures and ask us to compare your new pictures with your previous pictures to see if the problem on your skin looks "larger or darker" than before. But for our FREE skinExam users, once one of our affiliate skin care experts reads your pictures and provides you with his or her opinion, we only hold your pictures in our secure HIPAA-compliant servers for a brief period of time as a courtesy to you in case you later wish to return, subscribe and ask us to compare your new pictures with your previous pictures. If you do not subscribe and remain a FREE user, then after a period of time, your photos and descriptions will likely be deleted. It is important to note that even though SkinExam.com is not practicing medicine, we nevertheless use HIPAA-compliant servers for our website as an added measure of security, safety, and assurance of privacy.

It is free to use SkinExam. The only cost when using SkinExam is if you wish to subscribe to SkinExam for $5 per month so that we SAVE your photos for later comparison. But if you do not wish to subscribe and wish to remain a FREE user, then after a period of time, your photos and descriptions are deleted from our servers. If you do subscribe, however, your photos and their accompanying review are saved so that in the future, you can return, submit new pictures and ask us to compare your previous pictures with your current pictures to see if the skin problem looks "bigger or darker" than in the previous pictures. The cost of subscribing to SkinExam is only $5.00 per month.

Even though SkinExam.com is not practicing medicine, as an added measure of precaution, any and all correspondence and information on SkinExam.com is stored on and transmitted from HIPAA-certified and HIPAA-compliant servers. All correspondence between you and SkinExam.com is through a secure, SSL encrypted 256 bit (2048-bit is about the RSA key pair) encrypted communication. This is among the strongest secure communication available. Every effort is made to make sure that your information is 100% secure and not visible to anyone but you and whomever you authorize to see your information by you giving them your credentials to log into your account. SkinExam.com assumes absolutely no responsibility for any disclosure of your information which may result from you either giving your passwords to others or in any way allowing others to view your information on this website. There are bad people in life who may try to guess your password on SkinExam.com. SkinExam.com, therefore, strongly encourages you to make a very secure password which uses a capital letter a number and a character such as an exclamation point, dollar sign, ampersand, etc (!, $, &), but SkinExam.com cannot accept and hereby documents that it does not accept any responsibility for any loss of or exposure of information from users who make easily guessed passwords.